3D-Wheel Measurement

3D-Wheel / Chassis Measurement

Advanced driver assistance systems like ACC require for proper calibration:

  • a precisely aligned vehicle, and / or
  • the driving direction angle, and/ or
  • the ride height of the vehicle.

With only 4 of our VisiCon dPP 3D-sensors (one for each wheel), all relevant coordinates and directions of chassis and body are measured directly in the calibration rig:

  • Center coordinates (x, y, z) of all wheels for calculation of symmetry axis and driving direction (Azimuth)
  • Height coordinates (x, y, z) of all wheel arches for calculation of body height and angular displacement (Elevation)
Due to laser technology, the VisiCon dPP is impassible against ambient light

The wheel plane, calculated from 3-D coordinates

Besides the VisiCon dPP 3D-sensors, only one control-PC is required for data collection and final processing. Usually, a control-PC already is in the machine design, that may be used for controlling the dPP 3D-sensors as well.

Alternatively or in combination, the vehicle may be aligned precisely with a centralising unit.

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