Alignment Tools

ACC Alignment Tools

During the calibration, some advanced driver assistance systems store the calibration results in their electronic control units. Other systems need to be aligned mechanically during the calibration process.  

VisiCon has developed a multitude of mechanical alignment tools - from simple hand-tools to fully automated alignment robots.  

From Fully Automated Alignment Robots ...

Our ACC-alignment robots are equipped with a VisiCon camera and an illumination unit. The position of the ACC-sensor is determined by means of image processing.

The positioning of the powertool of the robot is realised by the positioning servos of the light collecting box (y, z) and a linear actuator (x), that is integrated into the robot itself.

Alignment robot with integrated camera and powertool, attached to a light collecting box
Hand Tool (ACC) Hand Tools

The simplest solution often is the most practical one: The calculated angle of alignment is posted on the operator monitor, is set manually on the hand tool dial, then the tool is set up onto the adjuster by hand and turned accordingly.  

If you need a specific type of alignment tool, give us a call: VisiCon has the knowledge and the manpower to design and build the best tool for you. We are able to deliver the mechanical design as well as the wiring diagram and the software application - should it be required for your task - and of course the assembly and test of your new tool.

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