Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning Assistant (LDW)

LDW-systems are able to recognise by means of an integrated camera, when a vehicle is about to departure from a driving lane. This camera needs to be calibrated geometrically at the end of the vehicle production line. For the calibration, a geometric pattern needs to be placed in front of the camera at a known position.  

Usually, the calibration pattern is printed onto a movable screen, that is placed in front of the vehicle during the wheel or headlamp alignment.   The lift-system for the calibration screen is integrated into the VisiCon headlamp aiming rig.  

The vehicle is either aligned by a centraliser, or its position is measured with help of VisiCon dPP 3D-sensors.

Application example for various driver assistance calibration systems. Top right: movable LDW calibration screen.

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