Calibration of Rear View-Cameras

The cameras of rear view systems are equipped with extreme wide-angle lenses. In order to eliminate the image distortion, and to place guiding lines into the camera image etc., a calibrating pattern needs to be placed in front of the camera (= behind the vehicle). The most cost-efficient option is, to mount a robust screen with the calibrating pattern onto the floor.

VisiCon has developed a suitable system for traversable floor screens:

  • The screens are robust, and cleanable with regular floor cleaning devices.
  • The material is skid-proof.
  • The patterns are easily exchangeable.
Floor-mounted traversable calibration screen

Traversable covers for rear view camera system (Foreground, yellow)

Traversable Cover

Where there are more delicate screens required, a protective cover may be necessary. Our cover system securely protects screens from dirt and abrasion.  

The cover is opened and closed pneumatically. Another reason for protective covers is the wax on new tyres, that quickly transforms a matte finish of a screen into a glary shiny surface.  

The covers seen on the left are traversable by vehicles of up to 4 tons.

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