Sensor Positioning

Sensor-Positioning Systems

Calibrating devices, such as Doppler generators, Radar-Reflectors, light collecting boxes, etc. are precisely and repeatably positioned to their operating coordinates by VisiCon positioning systems. Various models are available to accommodate each possible production field individually. A portal system (Gantry) guarantees the highest long-term precision and repeatability for the alignment process, at minimum maintenance effort.  

Floor mounted systems are recommended, when there is not enough free space above the vehicle, for example due to mobile exhaust systems. The measurement positions of the calibrating devices are usually servo-controlled. The brand of the positioning motors depends on the requirements list of our customers. The positioning process is controlled by PC or PLC, depending on the requirements of our customers.

Double-portal with ACC-tilting-mirror, ACC-Robby, Light collecting box, coat warning, battery charger and semi-automatic power tools
Foreground: Gantry for Doppler generators Background: Gantry for light collecting box and lane departure warning screen

VisiCon-Portals are designed in a modular concept, their accessories are interchangeable. Single portals are useful for singular tasks, for example basic headlamp alignment. Where multiple tasks have to be mastered, for example additional calibrating routines for driver assistance systems, a double portal is very useful.

Both types may be equipped with one or more light collecting boxes. When positioned automatically, the cycle time shrinks significantly with more than one light collecting box.

Besides light collecting boxes, the following devices may be positioned:

  • ACC-Tilt-mirror (for example Bosch-ACC)
  • ACC-fixed mirror (for example Delphi-ACC)
  • ACC-Robby (autonomous alignment tool)
  • LDW calibration screen

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