Alignment Power Tools

Robust and ergonomic Hand-Alignment-Tools

Our hand power tools are optimised in speed and torque to the alignment task and of ergonomic design. Moreover, the design incorporates longevity, and optionally, powerful LED illumination (4000 lx).

VisiCon handheld power tools with LED target

Semi-automatical powertool for the alignment with closed bonnet

Specialty Tools

Sometimes a vehicle design prevents, that the adjuster screws of the headlamps can not be reached with regular tools.  

For these cases we have designed adjustment tools, that are plugged onto the headlamp manually, before the headlamp is placed in position. The alignment takes place automatically, and the tool is removed manually after the alignment.  

In case you are looking for a solution for a similar task, please contact us, we are able to solve almost any alignment "nightmare".

Foggy / ACC-Robby

Fog lamps and ACC-sensors are often mounted low on a vehicle, so that their adjustment screws are impossible to reach by hand conveniently. With our range of fully automated ergonomic aids, the alignment of these devices is simple and easy. Our alignment robots feature an integrated camera with illumination module, that enables the robots to find the adjusters autonomously. The robots are then plugging the tool bit onto the adjuster and align the device according to the pre-alignment angles, that are computed in closed-loop control.

The positioning in y and z is achieved with moving the light collecting box accordingly, that is used as mounting base for the robot.

Light collecting box with alignment robot Foggy in action

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