Control Systems

Integration of the Control System

The machines are planned by experienced professionals in tight cooperation with our clients. The control systems and cabinets are designed in accordance to the plant requirements of the vehicle manufacturers.

Control-PC or PLC


The alignment sequences are either controlled by PLC, or directly by the control-PC, without additional PLC-hardware. The PLC programming is structured in accordance to customer specifications.

Communication via Industrial Bus

Available communication protocols between machine control and peripherals are ProfiBus, ProfiNet or Interbus.

Superordinate Systems

The process cycle may be controlled locally by the machine PC, or remote via Ethernet by a superordinate production network. Interfaces for various superordinate systems are readily available:

  • ASAM
  • DSA
  • Cirrus
  • NAFS
Power tool control boards in a control cabinet

ProfiBus modules


The design of control cabinets is done in E-Plan, on demand in RuPlan as well. If available, standard-templates of our customers are used to generate the wiring diagrams. Labelling, documentation and spare part lists according to our customers requirements complete the cabinet design.  


The assembly of the control cabinets takes place here at VisiCon. If tight schedules demand it, we are able to hire trusted local professionals on short notice to speed up the assembly process.

Cabinet in ACC calibration rig

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