Alignment of LED-Headlamps

With the recent advent of All-LED-headlamps, new alignment strategies have had to be devised. The alignment procedures for LED-headlamps differ greatly from the alignment strategies for halogen or xenon headlamps. The reason for this is, that the visible light beam of a LED-headlamp is the result of several individual light sources (LED-modules). Traditional alignment strategies used on LED-headlamps may easily result in inaccurate alignment or complete failure of alignment.  

If your company is planning to equip certain vehicle types with All-LED-headlamps, ask VisiCon! We have the right solution for you.


LED-module alignment

Alignment of LED-Modules

LED-modules have only recently entered the serial production of vehicle manufacturers. Due to our close cooperation with leading headlamp manufacturers, we already have years of experience in aligning these modules.  

Careful planning is especially important, if a vehicle production line is envisaged for a production of vehicles with regular headlamps and additional LED modules.   Please contact us early, if you are planning the use of LED-modules for your new vehicle models.

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