Light Collecting Box

VisiCon Light Collecting Box

The light collecting box is the heart of each headlamp alignment machine. Due to the usage of aluminium profiles, our light collecting boxes are lightweight and extremely durable. Our modular design concept allows the integration of a multitude of functional accessories.

Fresnel lens

The large, aspheric Fresnel lens focuses the light of the headlamp onto a specially coated back panel. The lens is protected by a safety glass plate against dirt and damages (accidental kick with the knee, etc.).#

VisiCon DigiCam Camera

Our digital cameras are especially designed for headlamp alignment purposes, and are available as black and white version and as color camera. The newest generation of digital cameras is the DigiCam 3.0. Its low-noise signal guarantees excellent image quality and it is connected to the PC via GBit-Ethernet-Interface. The new interface design allows cable lengths of over 100 m. For special applications (for example alignment of advanced front lighting headlamps) several cameras may be integrated into one light collecting box.

Light Collecting Box with ACC-Alignment Robot and "Coat Warning"

Retractable Back Panel

For visual inspection / alignment (for example as emergency strategy) the top cover plate of our light collecting boxes feature a build-in safety glass window. As accessory available is a retractable back panel with aiming crosshairs. This back panel is adjustable in height, if required. The retractable back panel needs to be retracted during normal camera operation. A contact switch as monitor for the position of the back panel is available on demand.

Further Accessories

Further accessories for the light collecting box are:

  • ACC-illumination module (for BOSCH ACC2 with mirror)
  • "Coat-Warning": Optical obstacle recognition between the light collecting box and headlamp (for example operator coat)
  • Foggy: Fully autonomous alignment tool for fog lamps
  • Tray for manual tools
Wireless Alignment System

Wireless Alignment System

Electrical power is provided by a rechargeable battery. The alignment is done by means of image processing software, just as in our stationary systems. A touchscreen is used as operator panel. The adjustment results are documented on the hard drive and optionally by printer.

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