Positioning Systems

Light Collecting Box - Portal (Gantry)

The VisiCon gantries are positioning the light collecting box in front of each headlamp, with the required accuracy. Various models are available, so that individual production requirements are met perfectly. A portal system (Gantry) offers the highest long-term precision and alignment reliability, with minimal maintenance work. Floor mounted rail systems are available as well. Floor mounted systems are recommended, when the space above the vehicle is limited (for example due to mobile exaust systems).

Manual Positioning

The basic model allows the light collecting box to be positioned manually. The actual position is monitored continuously by encoders. The operator moves the light collecting box according to the instructions on the TFT-screen. When the measurement position is reached, electromagnetic brakes are activated, that hold the light collecting box in position until the headlamp alignment cycle is completed.

Headlamp alignment gantry spanning 3 production lines

Automated Positioning

The more advanced version features servo motors for the y-z positioning of the light collecting box. The alignment software positions the light collecting box automatically in front of each headlamp, and holds the light collecting box in place during the alignment cycles. The servo brand is selected in accordance to your plant requirements. The servo control is available as software module on the PC, or as PLC version.

Double portal with light collecting box, ACC-Robby, coat warner, ACC-panning mirror, computerised battery charger and semi-automatic alignment powertools

Double Portal for Headlamp-Alignment and ACC-Alignment

VisiCon-Portals have a modular design concept. The double portal version allows the integration of further alignment systems beside headlamp alignment. The single as well as the double portal may be equipped with additional pillars carrying further light collecting boxes for even shorter cycle times.  

Beside light collecting boxes, the following alignment systems may be added:

  • ACC-Panning Mirror (System Bosch)
  • ACC-Fixed Mirror (System Delphi)
  • ACC-Robby (autonomous alignment robot)

Floor Mounted Rail Positioning System

In case the space above the vehicle is not available for a gantry positioning system, the positioning of the light collecting box may be achieved by a rail-guided trolley. The rail system is mounted either simply and directly on concrete or steel flooring, or it may be mounted in small trenches, concealed by floor-level cover sheets. The floor mounted systems are available as manual positioning model, or as fully motorised model.

Motorised floor mounted positioning system

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