Turn-Key-Alignment Machines

Modular Headlamp Alignment Machines

VisiCon was the first supplier on the market, who used image processing hardware and software for headlamp alignment machines. Profit from the longest experience on the market!  

Our machine design is based on a modular concept, therefore they are easily adapted to customer specific requirements. Stand-alone audit machines or fully integrated production machines - all variations are available in the renown VisiCon quality, carefully designed and accurately assembled.   Sophisticated software algorithms, attuned to latest-generation headlamps, provide fastest cycle times and accurate, reliable alignment.

Headlamp alignment machine with 4 light collecting boxes Cycle time: < 50 sec, incl. fog lamp alignment!

Light Collecting Box on Gantry

One-Stop Shopping

As your system integrator, VisiCon provides only leading brands in standard components such as motors, PLC control equipment, etc. The important core technologies in our machines however, such as optical measurement systems, are developed and assembled directly here at VisiCon. We also develop, enhance and refine all software applications, that are used in our machines, here at VisiCon.  

Our in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software of our machines guarantees, that professional support for upgrades, modifications or extensions is readily available even after years of productive usage of our machines.

Stand-Alone or Integrated

VisiCon headlamp aiming machines are either delivered as stand-alone version, or are integrated into the production line - usually into the wheel alignment rig. A stand-alone version usually undertakes the complete cycle process control: vehicle identification, correlation of alignment sequences, communication to superordinate production networks, result reporting, etc.  

Integrated machines usually are communicating exclusively with their wheel alignment machines. For the following suppliers of wheel alignment machines we have delivered integrated solutions successfully: VisiCon, Dürr, Siemens, Froude-Hofmann, Fori, MeriLab, BEP, ...

Floor mounted system integrated into a wheel aligner

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