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Alignment System

Fully Automated Alignment

Fully automated alignment systems are used in production lines, where complex measurement and alignment procedures require repeatable, reliable results. The alignment power tool is fed to the headlamp adjusters via pneumatic or electro-mechanical actuators. The measurement PC controls the alignment directly in a closed-loop process, providing the shortest cycle times possible (2-3 sec).  

The alignment of the color fringes of ellipsoid-reflector modules is performed almost completely by means of fully automated alignment systems.

Semi-automatic Alignment

Manually delivered alignment power tools are a good compromise between costs and quality of alignment. The alignment time usually is 2-3 sec. VisiCon Power Tools are optimised in speed and torque for the headlamp alignment process. With our VisiCon Power Tool Control Board the torque can be reduced to customer specifications. On demand we integrate your favourite power tool brand into our systems (for example Desoutter, etc.).

Manual Alignment

The operator monitor shows unmistakably, which directions the operator needs to turn the headlamp for exact alignment. With this option, even the low budget solution achieves high-quality alignment. The cycle time depends on the pre-alignment of the headlamp and the speed of the operator.

Semi-automatical alignment power tools, anodised aluminum

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