All-LED headlight

Testing and Alignment of LED Headlamps

The adjustment and testing of LED headlamps requires special equipment and special alignment algorithms. The requirements regarding adjustment speed and optical quality are much higher than for regular halogen or Xenon headlamps.

Our LED adjustment systems provide the extra in speed and optical quality to ensure an optimum of light output. Their superior quality is proven on a daily basis in the serial production of LED headlamps at leading manufacturers.

An efficient communication to the electronic control units of these headlamps is crucial for proper adjustment.

On special request we are able to integrate your standard-alignment power tool brands (for example Desoutter) into the alignment systems.

Turn-Key LED Alignment System

The stand-alone alignment system is delivered ready-to-operate. For integration of the system we offer support from hands-on specialists upon request.

Mounting Frame for Components

All Components are mounted on a carrier made from aluminium extrusion profile for versatility. The measurements can be adapted individually to the customers need.

VisiCon Optical Measurement Technology

VisiCon Light Collecting Box with up to 6 digital cameras and PC-Interface.

All-LED headlight alignment machine

Measurement-PC with Operator Monitor

The image processing and the alignment processes are controlled by an industrial-grade PC.
The test parameters are organised, scheduled and their results logged by the PC. The test cycle is parameterised on the PC, or controlled externally by PLC or other production networks.

Cabinet with PLC-Interface

All electrical components (PC, bus-interfaces, current measurement, voltage measurement, lamp power supply, etc.) are integrated into the electrical enclosure.

Headlamp Base with Connectors

The headlamps, including connectors for power, measurement lines and bus interface (LIN, CAN, etc.), are fixed to the system by means of quick fit mounts.

Alignment Power Tools

The alignment of the headlamps can be performed manually by following the monitor readings, semi-automatically with manually applied VisiCon alignment power tools, or fully automated without any human assistance.

Safety Equipment

Fully automated systems are protected against accidental injuries by adequate means (closed alignment booths, light curtains, etc.)

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