Light Collecting Box

VisiCon Light Collecting Box

The VisiCon light collecting box is based on a warp resistant frame of extruded aluminium profile. In combination with the powder-coated aluminium sheet cover, a lightweight, space saving design. A window in the top cover enables a quick visual check of the light distribution of the headlamp.


The main lens of aspheric Fresnel type is especially selected for quality. This design guarantees superior optical quality at a low weight. The lens is protected by a safety glass plate that also protects the interior against dust.

Back Panel

The light image of the headlamp is projected onto a back panel that is positioned at the focal length of the lens. The light scattering property of the back panel is optimised for uniformity to ensure best photometric results.

VisiCon - Digital Camera

For image acquisition, digital cameras of our own design and assembly are installed. Depending on the task, cameras for infrared, black-and-white and color are available.

Measurement Range

The measurement range of the standard light collecting box is ±15 deg.

Modular Concept

The light collecting box can be adapted in wide ranges to the headlamp requirements. It is important to plan for a light collecting box of sufficient size, in order to avoid vignetting and therefore distortion of the resulting light distribution image. Depending on the required resolution, the light collecting box is equipped with one or several cameras. In case more than one camera is installed, the calibration and correct sequencing of the measurement areas is automated.

Special Models

For special tasks, we are offering various special accessories for our light collecting boxes that will be integrated before delivery. On the right, a light collecting box with ILS-screens is shown as an example. The headlamp for this light collecting box has a separate curve light. The maximum angular range of this light collecting box is ±60 deg.

To achieve this wide range, the light collecting box is equipped with 5 VisiCon digital cameras. The back panel is extended to the side walls on both sides. This special model allows the separate height alignment of the curve lights without moving the lamp or the light collecting box.  

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