Photometric Test and Alignment

Range of tests

The test sequence is defined by means of a user-friendly data editor. The data are saved in type-specific files. The required tests, measurements and alignments are selected in clearly arranged windows. Naturally there is a copy function for already customised test sequences. Here a small excerpt from the wide variety of tests:

  • Alignment of Low Beam, High Beam, Fog Lamp according to ECE and SAE regulations (for example VOL/VOR)
  • Photometric Points (number, position and size user-defined)
  • Hardness of the cut-off line
  • Max. intensity
  • Test cycles for actuators (for example: automatic levelling, curve light, etc.)
  • Your requirements ...

Test Sequence

The test sequence may be defined in the software directly, or it may be externally provided by a superordinate production network via PLC or Ethernet link (ProfiBus, ProfiNet, Digital-IO, etc.).    


All test and measurement results are stored in a result file. On demand the results are evaluated statistically.

Parameterisation of test functions

Data Editor

Automated calibration and alignment systems guarantee long-term stability of accuracy and overall quality of the end product, with a minimum of maintenance effort. Our hierarchical password protection enables the selective access to certain subsets of parameters. A more detailed overview over the scope of functions is available upon request.

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