Turn-Key-Test System

One-Stop Design and Assembly

We design and assemble ready-to-use headlamp test systems. Here at VisiCon you find the complete know-how for these specialised machines combined:


The software is the key to versatile high-quality headlamp alignment.

  • Over 15 years of experience guarantees access to the fastest and most reliable algorithms for headlamp adjustment available on the market today.
  • Our wide range of photometric tests assures the highest quality of test results, for complete headlamps as well as for headlamp modules or for lens systems.
  • Automation of complex test sequences as well as the integration of the test system into production lines is programmed and commissioned by our own software specialists.
Turn-Key Test and Alignment System for Headlamps

Control Cabinet Interior, including Alignment Power Tool Control Board and Test Electronics


Our in-depth knowledge and experience regarding headlamp test systems in combination with our software background guarantee you a test system that will prove reliable and durable for many years, even under harsh production conditions.

  • The electrical design and construction is done by CAD-System (E-Plan)
  • The mechanical design and construction is done with the latest 3D-CAD software. CATIA-drawings of the headlamps, if provided by the customer, are incorporated directly into the system design.
  • On demand we are designing your machines in accordance to your plant requirement lists.

Project Management and Documentation

Our Project team accompanies you from kick-off to final acceptance. You will always have a competent contact person during the whole project.
Together with the machine, a complete documentation with manual, drawings, wiring diagrams, etc. is delivered.

  • Our project management keeps you up to date with the progress of the assembly of your machine.
  • The wiring diagram is provided in E-Plan, if not otherwise specified.
  • Mechanical drawings are done in 3D, and are handed over completely, including part lists, maintenance recommendations, etc.
  • Commissioning support is available word-wide.
  • Training, including training papers, and standby during production start are services that we provide routinely.
  • We offer our support for the solution of new challenges. Please ask our contact personnel, if you have the demand for new developments.
3D-Construction Turn-Key Test System

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