Problem Solver Against Variable Light Output

Most headlamps do not have the ideal light output, that alignment regulations postulate. Even if a headlamp is proven acceptable in the photometric laboratory, the adjustability of this headlamp may still be difficult. This fact is the reason why VisiCon has developed a multitude of algorithms with many parameters, in order to enable the reliable adjustment of such difficult headlamps.  

In recent years, we found in many serial production lines, that the number of such difficult headlamps is on the rise. More and more the algorithms have to be selected and parameterised specifically for each headlamp type. This fact aggravates the production managers, because they have to parameterise each new headlamp type meticulously.

Low beam image of an ECE-type headlamp with nominal contour, v-point detection, and alignment arrows.

Solution: VisiCon Auto-Detect

Auto-Detect autonomously determines the optimal alignment algorithm for each headlamp type. Auto-Detect is using much the same strategy as the production manager, when introducing a new headlamp type:

  • Before each alignment, the alignment quality of each algorithm is measured
  • The algorithm that is best suited for the headlamp is used for the alignment itself
  • Upon request, the alignment quality of the headlamp may be recorded, for example to monitor the long-term quality of the headlamp supplier

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