Headlamp Alignment

Image Processing Software for Headlamp Alignment

VisiCon was the first company who employed image processing hardware and software for the automatic alignment of headlamps. Since then we have expanded and adapted our algorithms continuously to include the newest developments in the headlamp industry into our databases.  

Your advantages:

  • Shortest cycle times
  • Guaranteed compliance to legal alignment requirements
  • Reliable alignment of all headlamp types available (LED, Xenon, Halogen)
  • Type recognition and verification (SAE or ECE)
  • Reliable alignment of headlamps with intelligent light system (ILS) (for example: highway beam, city light, curve light, ...)
  • Verification of chirality (left hand or right hand traffic)
  • Verification of headlamp type: Xenon or Halogen
  • Checking of daytime running lights
  • Irradiance measurements (required in China, ...)
  • Hardness of cut-off line gradient (SAE)
  • Color fringe quantification and adjustment
  • Checking of headlamp levelling motors and actuators

Our latest algorithm VisiCon Auto-Detect is an "intelligent", self-learning software upgrade, that minimises the parameterisation work of the ever-faster growing number of vehicle model types.

False color image of an ECE-type headlamp

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