Measurement of Illuminance in Seconds

Our VisiCon headlamp aiming systems allow the measurement of all photometric variables, that are required to validate the conformity of the headlamp to legal requirements (ECE, SAE) or internal quality guidelines, in the complete field of view in a few seconds.

The speed of our systems enable the quality check of all headlamps of a production line, compared to the few sparse control samples, that can be measured with a photogoniometer.

Measurement of photometric points according ECE-regulations

Color fringe of a headlamp with lens system and gradient reading

Measurement of Color Fringe in Seconds

Headlamps with lens projection systems always show a color fringe at the cut-off line. This color fringe is caused by the optical properties of the lens system and varies in color and strength. With our VisiCon - color fringe measurement systems, the quality of the individual light modules and the complete headlamp production can be monitored and quantified. The following systems are available:  

  • Measurement of the color fringe of headlamps
  • Adjustment of the color fringe of light modules
  • Measurement of the color fringes of lens systems

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Quality Control by Photometry

The measurement of the illuminance over the whole field of view offers the evaluation of many more parameters:

  • Hardness of light-dark border (cut-off line)
  • Torsion of the light-dark border
  • Mean intensity
  • Maximum intensity

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Photometric analysis of the hardness of the light-dark border of a headlamp

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