Wheel Alignment

For the alignment of a vehicle chassis, the orientation of all wheels needs to me measured. VisiCon has developed laser sensors (LCS, dPP) and measurement and analysis software especially for this purpose.  

The software is of modular design, its parts are easily integrated into your own software applications. The sensors are delivered with a well-documented software interface for user defined sensor control and reporting of the measured target coordinates:

  • LCSControl for VisiCon LCS3 Light contour sensor
  • dPPControl for VisiCon dPP 3D-Sensor
Measurements for wheel alignment

The software module VisiWheAl evaluates the coordinates of all wheels, and calculates all data, that is required for the wheel alignment process. This module is required for analysing data of the steering wheel level, for the calibration process, and gives out information to the operator, how the wheels need to be adjusted.

Since the mechanical settings of a wheel aligner usually are controlled by PLC, the PLC interface source code is supplied with the software module VisiWheAl, in order to enable you to develop your own wheel aligner applications. The software module VisiWheAl also provides a multitude of diagnostic tools, that alleviates the everyday work of your own software developer.

Graphic user interface of VisiWheAl

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