VisiCon dPP 3D-Sensor

VisiCon dPP 3D-Sensor

The VisiCon dPP sensor is a revolutionary new system for the wheel alignment industry: The sensor combines the advantage of other multi-line sensors, the high measurement accuracy, with the advantages of conventional laser sensors, the insensitivity against ambient light.  

Furthermore, the VisiCon dPP evaluates the laser lines for the first time stereophotometrically (with 2 cameras), in other words we measure real 3D coordinates. The unique configuration of our system yields the following additional advantages:  

  • Greatly improved long-term stability, because camera system and light source are decoupled mechanically.
  • Low maintenance costs and effort, because the lifespan of our lasers exceed the lifespan of beamer lamps several fold.

Our optionally available LED-illumination unit allows the additional measurement of the wheel arc height without additional sensors. Due to the stereophotogrammetrical method, we are able to measure the wheel arc height in true 3D coordinates (X, Y, Z). This can not be achieved with one-camera systems.

VisiCon dPP 3D-Sensor with illumination unit at the bottom

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