Wheel Alignment

Since the year 2000, we design and assemble wheel alignment machines. All important Key Technologies are developed here at VisiCon:

  • Design and manufacturing of laser sensors
  • Image processing (wheel recognition, wheel arch detection)
  • Algorithms for calculating all relevant parameters (toe, camber, caster, etc.)
  • Chassis mechanics (S-point, caster, etc.)
  • Mechanical construction in 3D
  • Electrical construction and cabinet assembly

We are ISO 9001 certified 
All our machines are EC-certified

Wheel aligner test at our company in Gleichen

Contact person

Phone: +49 4242 / 66 317 
Fax: +49 4242 / 56 27 
Email: w.keller@remove-this.visicon.eu 
Hotline: +49 5508 9862 15

Dr. Wiprecht Keller

Dr. Dipl. Phys., Sales Director

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