Construction Service

Mechanical Constructions

We design our products in 3D-technology on the HiCAD und CATIA V5 systems. We also offer our service for independent mechanical design tasks.   Profit from our engineering expertise in the following areas:

  • Plant engineering
  • Optical equipment
  • Weighing equipment
  • Chaining equipment
  • Rehab equipment
  • Scientific equipment
Mechanical 3D-design in HiCAD or CATIA

Design and assembly of control cabinets

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering team employs EPlan, and is used to incorporate customer requirements into the design.   In case of engineering shortages, we gladly offer our support for the design of your control cabinets.  

Electronic Engineering

We design our own multilayer printed circuit boards for our cameras and laser sensors.  

Profit from our experience!

  • Implementation and programming of FPGAs
  • Cameras and other electro-optical systems
  • Layout and PCB routing