Calibration of driver assistance systems

Calibration driver assistance systems

Safe and secure on the road —
precise calibration
of driver assistance systems

Safety and comfort – these are the advantages of driver assistance systems (DAS). In modern vehicles, the driver increasingly relies on and is supported by several assistance systems. In order to ensure the proper functioning of DAS systems, the highest level of precision is required during calibration. To achieve this, VisiCon offers various calibration systems to adjust the sensors in relation to the axis of geometry.

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VisiCon offers you the perfect solution for the calibration of any DAS system. Due to the modular design of our systems, we are able to supply the appropriate targets, configured plant computers with the corresponding software as well as the centralizer serving as the basis. As a customer, you benefit from the possibility to calibrate all common driver assistance systems on one system or in combination with headlight- and/or wheel adjustment stands.

VisiCon calibration driver assistance systems
VisiCon doppler generators Lane Change Assistant

Doppler generators lane change assistant

VisiCon rear view camera target

Rear view camera target

VisiCon NightVision target

NightVision target

VisiCon centralizer


VisiCon ACC reflector

ACC reflector

VisiCon software and PLC

Software and PLC

VisiCon Multi-function camera target

Multi function camera target

VisiCon collaborative robot Head-up Display (HUD)

Collaborative robot head-up display

VisiCon light carpet adjustment system

Light carpet adjustment system

VisiCon illumination unit

Illumination unit

VisiCon doppler generator turning assistant

Doppler generator turning assistant

  • VisiCon centralizer


    A reproducible and defined alignment of the vehicle along the line of symmetry is essential for the adjustment of driver assistance systems. The vehicle is centered pneumatically with roller rails that are applied to the inner side of the tire. Plastic rollers prevent damage to tires and rims. Our centralizers are available in different sizes, can be installed in a pit or with a platform and are equipped with additional drive-in aids on request.

  • VisiCon collaborative robot head-up display

    Collaborative robot head-up display

    The use of collaborative robots enables the exact and reproducible positioning of a camera in the vehicle interior, e.g. for the calibration of the head-up display. Due to its flexible programmability, the robot can be used for almost all vehicle models. After a successful risk assessment, it can also be used without a protective housing.

  • VisiCon illumination unit

    3D measurement technology with wheel house edge height measurement

    With the dPP probe in combination with the illumination unit, the body height can be determined, measured at the position of the wheel house edge. The height of the body is relevant for the calibration of various DAS systems. The illumintion unit is connected directly to the dPP probe, which means that no further constructional measures are required. The design of the illumination unit allows the measurement of all types of vehicles.

  • VisiCon NightVision target

    NightVision target

    The NightVision target enables the reliable directional calibration of the infrared camera in the vehicle. For this purpose a calibration target, which generates a thermal reference pattern, is used. This target is brought into a defined position in front of the centered vehicle. The NightVision camera in the vehicle can determine the correct alignment using the reference pattern of the calibration target and can be adjusted accordingly. The camera mounted on the target is used for position calibration of the target.

  • VisiCon software and PLC

    Software and PLC

    The VisiCon software is tailored exactly to the requirements of our customers. The calibration procedure is controlled centrally in one software. On one or more monitors (directly on the plant computer or on traversing columns) different displays can be provided for the user in parallel. The connection to the superordinate hall network can be realized without problems by various interfaces. If required, our systems can be controlled via a central PLC, alternatively, operation is also possible using only a measurement PC.

  • VisiCon ACC reflector

    ACC reflector

    For the ACC calibration, a reflector positioned exactly in transverse direction and height is brought into the radar lobe of the ACC antenna and reflects the radar waves back to the sensor of the ACC. Additionally, the adjustment system can be equipped with a mechanism that tilts the reflector around the Y-axis and/or rotates it around the Z-axis. This determines the deviation of the beam direction from the driving direction and allows it to be corrected accordingly.

  • VisiCon light carpet adjustment system

    Light carpet adjustment system

    VisiCon has developed its own system particularly for the adjustment of light sources in the entry level area of the vehicle. The adjustment system essentially consists of two components: The light from the light carpet is projected onto a suitable surface in a tailor-made projection box and recorded from there with a VisiCon DigiCam. The software evaluates the image and determines the deviation from the set defined target position. Based on the image analysis, the adjustment unit automatically adjusts the adjustment screw of the light module until the target position is reached. The adjustment module is also equipped with a DigiCam which detects the position of the adjustment screw.

  • VisiCon components for radar-based assistance systems

    Components for radar-based assistance systems

    Doppler generators are positioned around the vehicle, e.g. to set lane change or turning assistants. They simulate an approaching vehicle by frequency shifting. The Doppler generators can be permanently installed on the ground or alternatively be attached to a gantry and thus can be positioned vertically and laterally.

  • VisiCon components for camera-based assistance systems

    Components for camera-based assistance systems

    Calibration measurement panels enable the reliable and exact calibration of camera-based systems such as the lane keeping assistant, the 360°- or rear view camera. The targets are either permanently mounted (e.g. on the ground behind or next to the vehicle) or moved on a gantry to a defined position in relation to the centered vehicle.

  • VisiCon master gauge

    Master gauge

    The DAS calibration systems are aligned with the help of a torsion-resistant master gauge. Both setup lasers and targets are mounted on this gauge. Additional setup components for headlight or wheel alignment stands can be attached.

  • VisiHAzEl


    The VisiHAzEl (Height, Azimut, Elevation) is an extension for the master gauge to check the correct alignment of calibration componentes for DAS systems (e. g. ACC or NightVision targets, front corner radar. A laser shines on the target to be checked, is reflected from there via a mirror and captured by the photodiode in the VisiHAzEl. In this case, an LED at the VisiHAzEl lights up. The evaluation can either be performed manually or transmitted via an interface.

  • HUD calibration using cobot
  • DAS stand with master gauge
    DAS stand with master gauge
  • Combination of DAS stand and headlight adjustment system
    Combination of DAS stand and headlight adjustment system


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