Wheel alignment and adjustment

Non-contact 3D measurement

With only one probe per tire we can measure all important wheel alignment parameters. The measurement technology is well proven and delivers stable and reproducible measurement values even under difficult lighting conditions.

Our illumination units are completely harmless to the eyes due to the use of red light (RG0 according to DIN EN 62471). Our 3D probes are classified as per laser safety regulation (IEC 60825-1:07-2015) as class 2M.

Discover our components

We deliver all necessary components from positioning systems and measurement technology to the configured measuring computer and the required software.

In addition to standard components for line operation, we are also happy to equip your system with components for use in chassis analysis or other special measurement tasks.

Wheel alignment and adjustment
VisiCon dPP probe

VisiCon dPP 3D probe

VisiCon pit cover

Pit cover

VisiCon centralizing — Pusher

Pusher — Centralizer

VisiCon roller sets for floating plates

Roller sets

VisiCon wheel base traversing unit

Wheel base traversing unit

VisiCon track width traversing unit

Track width traversing unit

VisiCon illumination unit for dPP

Illumination unit

VisiCon steering wheel gauge

Steering wheel gauge

VisiCon software and PLC

Software and PLC

  • dPP-Sonde

    VisiCon dPP 3D probe

    The VisiCon family of measurement probes (dPP, dPPTwin, VisiScan) are measurement sensors for the non-contact three-dimensional detection of surfaces. The probes record 40 images per second, from which a 3D model of the illuminated tire is generated. This can be used, for example, to calculate the chassis parameters toe and camber. The different models have particular strengths in different applications so that we can offer the perfect solution for every system.

  • VisiCon Lighting unit with a dPP

    dPP illumination unit

    With the illumination unit, the body height can be determined, measured at the position of the wheel house edge. It is connected directly to the dPP probe, which means that no further constructional measures are required. The design of the illumination unit allows the measurement of all types of vehicles.

    According to DIN EN 62471, our illumination unit is classified as risk group 0 and is therefore completely harmless to the eyes, even if exposed to for a long time.

  • VisiCon Radeinstelltisch

    Wheel adjustment table

    The wheel adjustment table as an independent functional unit consists of a roller set, a pusher for vehicle centering and the bracket for the dPP probe.

  • VisiCon Roller sets for floating swivel plates

    Roller sets

    The roller sets consist of stainless steel rollers and integrated floating plates. The front roller is operated by an electric motor, while the floating plate is pneumatically moved into the positions “locked”, “floating” and “swiveling” .

    Optionally wheel load scales and a device to measure the steering angle (±50°) can be integrated.

  • VisiCon centralizer — Pusher

    Pusher — Centralizer

    For wheel aligners, we use electric centralizers with pressure rollers (pushers). The vehicle wheels stand on rotating rollers, which are set in motion during the centering process. The pushers bring the vehicle into the correct position and are then retracted for force-free measurement.

  • VisiCon Software and SPS

    Software and PLC

    Our software is perfectly adapted to the requirements of wheel alignment. The widely used measurement program VisiWheAl is the central software module for controlling the dPP 3D probes and calculating the wheel geometry. It also offers the possibility to provide different displays for the user in parallel on one or more monitors (directly on the plant computer, on traversing columns, in the pit etc.).

    Our process software completely controls the process or enables control via a PLC by means of an integrated interface (VisiCon or customer).

  • VisiCon Wheelbase moving unit

    Wheel base traversing unit

    Traversing wheel base units are an extension of the wheel adjustment table and allow flexible use of the wheel aligner for different types of vehicles. During adjustment, the measurement probes, floating plates and centering units of the rear axle are moved. The adjustment of the wheel base can also be done when a vehicle is already stationary.

  • VisiCon Track travel unit

    Track width traversing unit

    The track width traversing unit used in wheel geometry analysis is an extension of the wheel adjustment table. It enables the measurement of vehicles with a large variance in track width. For this purpose, the measurement probes, floating plates and centering units of both axles are moved laterally.

  • VisiCon Steering wheel measurement scale

    Steering wheel gauge

    The steering wheel gauge enables the measurement of the steering wheel angle directly at the steering wheel and – in combination with the additional steering angle measurement device – the determination of the ratio of the steering angle to the tire angle.

  • VisiCon Lift and pull unit

    Lifting and pulling unit

    The optional extension for the chassis analysis enables a defined pulling down and lifting of the vehicle, which can also be load-controlled via optional wheel load scales. At the same time, toe and camber curves are recorded via the trim position.

  • VisiCon Pit cover

    Pit cover

    Movable cover of the pit underneath the vehicle. The cover can be designed to be traversable on request.

  • VisiCon master gauge

    Master gauge

    The alignment of the system, especially the measurement probes, is carried out with a master gauge. For this purpose, four measurement plates are mounted on the frame. If required, additional setup components for DAS calibration systems or headlight adjustment can be attached.

  • VisiCon Rolling Master

    Rolling master

    A rolling master is used to check the repeat accuracy of the measurements (toe, camber, wheel center, wheel arch edge). If desired, the Rolling Master can also be used as an equipment carrier for reference headlights, ACC antenna, etc.

  • Adjustable wheel base and track width
  • Retractable lane
  • Lifting and pulling measurement


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